Peter Genuardi | Digital Marketer for Good
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Digital marketer for good.


I’m working hard to make the world more compassionate. Using a mix of cutting edge marketing tactics and technology, I help brands and organizations improve the way they motivate people to make a difference. My career has spanned the domains of direct service, marketing tech startups, and direct response. When I’m not building dope programs for dope people, I’m researching things like consumer privacy, blockchain, and hip hop jams.

I am presently the Founder and CEO of Strength in Members »
My TEDx Talk

My TEDx Talk

How To Protect Your Digital Soul


  • Protecting Your Digital Soul at TEDxCU

    I am afraid that someone is stealing my digital soul. In this talk for TEDxCU I reveal how we conspire with modern advertising to create a digital soul, how our souls are at risk of falling prey to government surveillance, and what we can do... ...

  • On Gratitude and US Airways

    I’ve heard this to be true for years, but have only recently realize how powerful living a life rooted in gratitude can be.  I’ve gone through a couple of major life transitions lately.  The changes (I’ll spare you all of the details) have been driven... ...

  • If All You Can Measure is Engagement, then You’re Doing it Wrong

    Originally published on Reported this week in All Twitter, Econsultancy and Adobe published a study that outlines just how far we have to go when it comes to integrating our social marketing and direct response investments. Here’s the bad news: Although 90% of American businesses... ...

  • Why Reward One Loyal Constituent When You Can Reward TONS?

    Originally published on Are you running loyalty programs? If you are, read on if you’re interested in a radical new approach that leverages a social view of your customers to increase the return of your campaigns. Skip to paragraph five for the meat. If... ...